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What to do if your ads aren't working...NOW!

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Q: Over the past 8 months, I've spent $500 per month on advertising to promote my real estate company. I have heard a few nice things from friends and family, but I don’t seem to be making the kind of returns that I’d hoped. What should I do now?  I still need to market my business, but this isn’t working.

A: It’s possible you are just advertising in the wrong place, but if the media reaches your target market, then before changing where you run your ad, I would try reworking your ad copy first to see if that improves your results. To help you maximize your efforts, here are some basic success strategies for developing advertising.


Get to the Point

When it comes to print or other traditional advertising, you have to get to the point-fast. You're vying for the attention of consumers who are bombarded each day with advertisements from countless companies-some being your competitors. Don't waste any time getting your message across.

Your headlines should clearly indicate why the consumer should keep reading.   If your offer solves a big problem, creates tremendous value, is a great price or whatever your unique selling proposition may be…don’t bury the lead.  Say it straight out. 

You may get some ideas about what headlines to use by reviewing different types of ads, particularly those from the companies in your industry or related industries. Above all, make sure to remember who you are communicating too and what they care about, so don’t be indulgent and focus on your company, features, logo, etc.  The reality is that people care more about themselves-and what you can do for them-than they do for your business. You'll get a much higher response rate when your headline quickly answers the question, "What's in it for me?" So, craft a headline that gives your audience a compelling answer.

The next step after establishing your unique selling proposition in the headline should be to establish a call to action, preferably a call to action that allows the ad to be tracked so you can evaluate ROI. You may want to offer an upgrade, coupon or a contest, but don’t over do it.  Keep your message to one or two items.  The more topics you discuss, the more it will dilute your core message and reduce its effectiveness. Your objective is to get readers' attention and inspire them to respond.  You can focus on upselling and expanding the relationship once a dialogue is opened.


Let us know how it goes…

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