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What is a successful Call To Action?

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So, you're like many business owners, you are trying to handle the marketing of your business yourself and people keep telling you you need a "Call To Action"...

What in the heck is a Call To Action, or CTA for the in-crowd?

Well, it's the part of the marketing message where we ask the viewer to actually do something and no matter how creative we get, it still boils down to this one request.

If you look closely, there are three things that nearly all typical CTAs include:

1. A no-obligation statement that removes or reduces risk. In many cases, they’re asking for a free trial rather than a purchase. In other words, try us, you’ll like us. This gives people the confidence to buy.

2. All of them contain some version of “Mail your acceptance card.” This is simple usability. You have to tell people what to do next. Today it would read, “Click the button below.”

3. Encouragement to respond right away. That’s standard direct response. Don’t give people an option to wait and think about it.

Do your marketing materials include a CTA?  

Is it compelling?

If the answer to either of those questions is "no", then it's probably time to work on your messaging, before you spend a lot more money on marketing.


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