Identify Your Audience


What is your company's unique offering?  Who is your ideal client?  How do you reach and convert your ideal client?  Are you spending too much on marketing?  Is it in right channels?   Figuring out the answers to these questions will save you lots of wasted time, money and effort on your advertising.  With our experience in business development, sales and marketing, we can use our tools target your marketing spending effectively.Stop throwing money at marketing that you are not sure is helping you reach your goals.  Spending a little time and money on planning now can save you frustration and lost opportunity.





Products to Develop Your Strategy


Strategic Analysis:
  • MBA style review of your marketing strategy
  • Make sure that you are marketing to the customers you want and not wasting valuable marketing time and money on less attractive markets.
  • Clearly define your marketing message.  A clearly defined message is both more effective and less expensive than marketing in a scattershot fashion.
  • Define available market 
  • Identify market strategy
  • Identify unique selling proposition
  • Identify opportunities, strengths, weakness and competition
Marketing Assessment:
  • Review current marketing efforts
  • Analyze the quality of your marketing in these key areas:
    • Brand Communication
    • Digital Advertising
    • Traditional Advertising
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Social Media