Identify Your Audience


"I don't do advertising for my business."

All businesses require marketing to develop and maintain their customer base.  If you are not adding clients and customers,  your business is shrinking because customers may move or close their business (even if they love your company). For many types of businesses, the most effective form of marketing is "relationship marketing".  These are the activities that include things such as being in a Rotary group or reaching out personally to friends and acquaintances.  What happens when the principal or the sales person reaches the limits of their time?  How does the business grow?  There are a number of options for extending or enhancing the reach of your relationship marketing, such as automating follow up calls or reaching out via email.  There are also lead list development options that can help your business reach new potential clients that are outside of the typical circles.




Relationship Marketing Support



Outsourced Call Center Campaign
  •  Outbound live calls using a script designed for your business. Can be used to gather customer info, for service reminders or prequalify potential clients. Includes script development, staffing and management of the call center.
Email Campaign 
  • Using your customer list or a purchased list, emails are automatically sent to an email mailing list. Designs can include newsletters, coupon flyers, event updates or appointment/product reminders. *